CIP urged to work closely with tourism operators


Central Islands Provincial Government and Tourism Division Office are called on to work closely with tourism operators entering the province, especially taking lead with activities.

From understanding, it comes to the people’s interest to see their provincial tourism Office taking the lead in strategic partnership with stakeholders in the tourism industry having seeing many tourism operators entering the province and benefitting from CIP’s resources.

Sighted on Ngella’s famous Forum (NGF), statement has it that CIP should be smart enough to catch sources where the province very own local tour guides or operators can gain income from.

“It’s creating a network of people who sees ways to generate money that matters in a free market, not whether or not the location and resources are ours.

“You can do it and you can benefit from it. You have to be creative in today’s environment to benefit from what we own and preserve.

“So work along with tourism operators or be left alone. Let’s stop being bystanders and make our lives a lot easier,” stated on NGF.

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