Cigarette butts Gizo beauty aside



GIZO is reportedly littered with cigarette butts, an eye-sore for members of public who are concerned for the town’s environment.

A concerned Mr Andrew Koke questions why people do not hesitate to flick a cigarette butt in the Western provincial capital town.

“Smokers are not taking more care when they finish their cigarettes and there are still an unacceptable number of cigarette butts being thrown on the ground.

“Cigarette butts in the environment are a litter issue, not a smoking issue.

“Be a responsible smoker and use an ashtray to dispose of smoking litter at the right places but not throwing all over the street.”

Koke calls on the venders, general public and visitors to dispose cigarette butts and rubbish responsibly at the right places provided by Gizo Town Council.

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