Choiseul adapting to covid-19 regulations

Taro Island
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COMMUNITIES in Choiseul Province are said to be slowly adapting to covid-19 regulations.

Deputy Provincial Secretary of Choiseul Province, Nelson Tanito said Choiseul Provincial Disaster Operation Committee (PDOC) is working closely with the national team to ensure the safety of communities.

He said community leaders have been briefed with the country’s covid-19 regulations and taken onboard responsibilities to support the national government.

Administration officer of Choiseul, Abel Kutukana said community leaders are cautioned of any new comers to their villages, especially those crossing from Shortland Islands to Choiseul.

“People in the communities now absorbed how fatal covid-19 is. People are afraid of the virus and now takes active measures to make sure their communities are safe,” he said.

A police officer spoken to said similar understanding now invading communities and household living close to the boarder.

“It was very difficult for us to control border crossing at the beginning of our operation as some people from Shortland Islands have close connection with people from Bougainville.

“These people have been enjoying close relationships, exchange of foods and normally came face to face with each other, so it was really difficult to put a stop this practice which has existed over the past years,” the officer said.