Chinese Police train local mining employees on martial arts

China Police Liaison Team instructor, Yin Wei demonstrate a Gong Fu technique with a Win Win employee yesterday.
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EMPLOYEES of Winwin Mining Investment Ltd and Solomon Islands Resources Company Limited (SIRCL) have learnt their martial art for self-defence at work places.

China Police Liaison Team instructors Yin Wei and Chen Cheng have trained the employees at their camp at Alligator Creek, East Honiara yesterday.

The purpose of the training:

  1. leads to the building of good health as well as the consciousness and the strength of self defense for existence; and
  2. it helps to improve the way of looking at the world and behaving in a more restrained, tolerant and forgiving attitude.

Overall, the activity broadens their view for international culture exchanges and helps them understand that the real power lies in the strength built up by themselves on a regular accumulated effort.

Win Win and Solomon Islands Resources Company Limited employees doing their drill with the stick.

The same is true with the economic development for a business company and a country.

They were shocked by the strength and deep-rooted culture of how to behave in their human society demonstrated by the Chinese martial art (Chinese Gong Fu) after watching the China Police Liaison Team project put into action smoothly.

As such they invited the Chinese Police Liaison team to train their workers in body and nurture their mind through the martial art in relation to how to behave in the society.

China Police Liaison Team instructor, Chen Cheng demonstrate a combata technique with Win Win employee.

So, a few weeks ago, they formally invited the China Police, Chinese Embassy, Solomon Islands Chinese Association and Solomon Islands Chinese Business Council to pay a visit to the working sites and camps of some Chinese companies in Solomon Islands.

“Our idea for the above-mentioned training activity was greeted by the police team’s great effort in the coaching activity.

“The interactive activities have been strongly supported by China Embassy, Solomon Islands Chinese Association (SICA) and Solomon Islands Chinese Business Council (SICBC),” they said.

Win Win and SIRCL acknowledged China Embassy, SICA and SICBC and Chinese Police Liaison team who has also trained some of local boys of Solomon Islands with Chinese Gong Fu.

“All this, for sure, sets up a good example and plays an important part in developing and strengthening the relationship between the Chinese people and the Solomon Islands people.

“They are worthy of our respect,” they said.