Chinese nationals trading beche-de-mer without permits


A good number of Chinese nationals are currently engaged in illegal Beche-de-mer trading in the country.

A source tells Island Sun that around 20 are in the Lord Howe islands, trading beche-de-mer without work permits.

90 percent of foreigners, according to the source, who are buying and harvesting the lucrative resource are without work permits.

“If the Immigration and Police would have the opportunity to check Lord Howe islands now, they will be able to locate more than 20 Chinese foreigners most of whom do not have work permits but engaged in illegal trading of Beche-de-mer on the Island.

“It is utterly important that steps are taken to ensure illegal activities is stopped and that everyone follows the laws of Solomon Islands,” the source said.

When contacted, the Director of Immigration yesterday he said his office was not aware of any foreign national dealing with beche-de-mer without a work permit.

Mr Henry Fugui exclaims that it is news to him and his office, assuring the paper that they will investigate the matter.

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