Children’s park or adult’s park?


THE so-called Children’s Park opposite the Police headquarter in Rove west of Honiara seems to be the meeting place for adults and students.

A visit to the park on Monday witnessed that most people using the park are elderly men and even adult students doing unnecessary activities like smoking and chewing betel-nut.

One of the concerned parents who accompanied her child to the park said that adult men and adult students are disturbing children who want to take their time playing and enjoying themselves at the park.

The parent said the men spend their time at the park every day, so as the adult students.

“Don’t know whether those students are attending classes or just wasting their time engaging in unlawful activities at the park,” the parent said.

The parent is calling on responsible authorities to impose regulations to control people using the park.

Though the park does not offer much, people go there with their children to play and swim in the sea under the watchful eyes of their parents and guardians.

One of the cleaners there said the adult students are sometimes very rude towards the cleaners and don’t want to listen when they tell them not to sit on the swings.

The cleaner said sometimes some students spend their time at the park without going to classes, they spend their time at the park from 8am to around noon – till classes lapse.

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