Children and youths celebrate Money Day


THREE schools in Honiara, during the Solomon Islands Money Day celebrated at the SINPF Recreational compound on Thursday, built their knowledge and skills on financial literacy.

The event hosted by Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) also coincided with its 42 years of operation since 1976 as the Solomon Islands Monetary Authority.

The event also offered opportunity for students from the Vura Community High School, St John School and Mbokona School to visited leading banking institution in Solomon Islands.

CBSI Governor Mr Denton Rarawa in his remark said CBSI is excited about this year’s theme concept because it’s all about teaching children and youths about importance of being economically equipped and empowered.

He said educating children and youths in financial literacy will help close inequality gaps and build a brighter future for themselves which is one area CBSI stands for and promoting.

With today’s generation Mr Rarawa strongly emphasises that CBSI wants the country’s young generation to be economical citizens in the future.

“We need to teach our children and youths including adults on the value of looking after our money, saving and investing money,” Rarawa said.

“An event like this highlights the need to learn about financial education and services that are provided by our financial institution like banks or credit union to help us become good economic citizen.”

Yesterday’s event was celebrated under the theme: “Money Matters Matter”.

The overall objective of the theme is to educate young people – the future economic citizens of Solomon Islands, to learn and develop personal financial management skills and behaviour.

This includes good habits related to dealing with money.

The 2018 theme “Money Matters Matter” from the Global Money Week (GMW) is an annual money awareness campaign built to inspire children and young people to learn more about money matters and entrepreneurship.

The day was celebrated whole day with presentations, quiz, question and answers session and entertainments from three cultural groups.

Two from Isabel province and one from Malaita province.

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