Child protection training for Makira schools, communities

Students of Toroiwango Primary School during the recent engagement with World Vision.
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FOUR communities and four schools in Makira Ulawa Province were trained on Child Protection and Safeguarding and Disability Inclusiveness and equality.

The communities are Tadahadi, Wango, Manita and Manihuki Community while the schools were Etemarore Primary School, Toroiwango Primary School, Taripara Community High School and Primary School and Manama Primary School.

The Training was conducted by World Vision Solomon Islands Champions of Tomorrow Project Community Development Facilitator Donnis Ramogetea from May 24th –June 8th 2021.

Mr Ramogetea said the topics covered during the training included understanding child needs and rights, value child participation, safe school and disability inclusiveness and equality.

“For the disability inclusiveness and equality, the project engage Community Based Rehabilitation Officer from Kirakira Kidrone Tauni to facilitate the topic,” he explained.

He highlighted the main aim for the training was to advocate for inclusiveness and equality in school and community disaster plans so that they able to address the needs of People with Disabilities (PWD) and children in the communities.

Meanwhile, speaking during the training, Tadahadi Community Elder Thomas thanked World Vision for the training.

“I stand here today on behalf of Tadahadi Community to thank World Vision for this training, indeed my community is one step ahead in terms of understanding Child Protection and Safeguarding compared to other communities in the Province who haven’t have a chance to learn about it,” Mr Thomas emphasized.

He further said, Tadahadi Community was great to learn about inclusiveness especially for people with disabilities to ensure equality is enhanced in their community.

Champions of Tomorrow Project is funded by Australian Humanitarian Partnership (AHP) and is aimed to raise disaster preparedness especially to Schools.