Chiefs in Central Kwara’ae call out for peace

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CHIEFS in central Kwara’ae are calling on their communities to live together in peace.

The call was made after disagreements from the public and communities towards the “kingdom movement” issue over the past two weeks in Auki had caused fear and disagreement in the communities.

The failed promises by the movement had resulted in skirmishes in many villages between disgruntled followers who feel they had been cheated, and between public and followers.

The chiefs said, “Despite our disagreements we are all Malaitans and we will settle our disagreements in peace and harmony so that we will live happily again in our communities.”

The chiefs also made this call after a vehicle was destroyed by a group of men last week, a day after the failed doomsday.

The vehicle was believed to be owned by one of the movement members.

The group destroyed the vehicle’s (a three-tonne truck) tires which in turn caused fear amongst communities.

“The issue of the Kingdom movement must be settled quickly before it worsens and causes disharmony in the communities,” the chiefs said.