Chief vents anger over drug shortage

A tribal leader who is a victim of the current drug shortage that hits the National Referral Hospital (NRH) says the next time drugs runs out at the hospital more people will die.

Chief Alo Sangatango told Island Sun he was referred from his Bellona home to the NRH only to find out that there are no drugs.

Sangatango said it was a fearful experience for him and for other patients.

He directed his anger on the government.

Sangatango said to act only when something wrong happen does not say well about a government that cares for its people.

“The government should look ahead before something like this happen. We are suffering when the government acted only when something wrong happens,” Sangatango said.

He revealed when told that there are no drugs he went to the private doctor where he used up the money that was purposely to sustain him while in town.

Chief Sangatango said the government should ensure drug supply is replenished every time and enough drugs are stored in our hospitals and clinics for times like this.

“Be funding or procurement issues that cause this drug shortage, we simply want enough drugs to be stored here- ready for critical times,” Sangatango said.

He said the shortage of drugs experienced is a real frustration for sick patients.

Sangatango said the next time the government failed to see what’s coming- more people will die.

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