Cheap betel-nut in Auki



WHILST Honiara continues to experience high prices in betel-nut, Auki town offers it at very affordable prices.

The price of betel-nut in Auki is very cheap as you can get a heap of three to five betel-nuts for only two dollars.

A vendor who hesitated to reveal her name said the scenario in which betel-nut price in Auki betel-nut market is so cheap is just common.

She said as they often experience they sell betel-nut $2 for a heap of three to five betel-nuts or $10 for 10 betel-nuts.

The vendor explained that despite this cheap price they earn profits out of their market just like other businesses.

“We normally buy $500 for 20kg bag of betel-nut and $200 for 10kg bag of betel-nut.

“This is when we have good supply in the market and when supply is low we can get bag for up to a thousand per betel-nut bag.

“But normally since we have regular supply of betel-nut in the market, price is often good,” she said.

The vendor said it is obvious that they don’t earn much profit from the business, but as little they earn is enough.

She added that another factor usually push down price of betel-nut is too many betel-nut vendors whilst less customers.

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