Central Islands province gov’t to seek legal advice over ship wreckage



CENTRAL Islands Province (CIP) provincial government will soon be seeking legal advice from the Attorney General’s Chamber for the removal of a former Mbikoi Company’s ship wreckage near Tulaghi.

Numerous calls have been made by the provincial government for the ship’s owner to remove the wreckage fearing threat to the marine life and the provincial town’s water supply pipeline not far from it but to date, there has been no action taken seeing that locals are starting to take away parts of the ship.

“We have been trying to communicate with the ship owner but with no success. One thing Ship owners and companies must be aware of is not to treat our province as a wreckage dumpsite for them to come and throw their mess,” strongly warns CIP’s Premier Patrick Vasuni.

When querying through to the Solomon Islands Maritime Safety Administration (SIMSA) over such matter, the response received was SIMSA has no resources to look after wrecks or Marine Pollution in the country.

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