Police claim strong evidence on Chinese woman’s death


Police are claiming to have strong evidence into the April-13 killing of the Chinese woman at White Angel building, Pt Cruz.

Deputy Police Commissioner Ian Vaevaso told reporters yesterday they have in possession CCTV footage incriminating a suspect.

Vaevaso said the footage “clearly identified the prime suspect into the incident”.

“The footage is very clear to identify the suspect,” Vaevaso said.

He said investigations have led police to label a shopkeeper of the deceased as the suspect.

Having said this, Vaevaso calls on the suspect currently in hiding in east Malaita to surrender himself in for questioning.

He adds, this is so that the suspect can be given the chance to tell his side of the story.

Vaevaso clarifies that police currently only has one suspect.

“At the moment police have no other suspects but once the prime suspect is arrested then questions will be asked whether there are others who may have involved in the planning of the incident,” Vaevaso said.

He said Honiara and Auki police are collaborating to bring the suspect in, also gathering information.

“Immediate families of the alleged suspect are also working with police officers to bring the alleged suspect in for questioning.”

This is regarding the killing incident which occurred on the morning of April 13 at the White Angel building.

Allegation said the Chinese woman left her house in the Ranadi area, east Honiara to drop off her twin sons at school in the morning and then went down to her shop inside the White Angel Building in Point Cruz to open it as normal.

While the shopkeepers were waiting outside for the deceased to open the shop, the husband of the deceased arrived and sought assistance from a nearby shop to open their shop as the doors were locked from inside. However, that was unsuccessful and police were alerted in which the Police Fire Service came to their assistance and opened the shop and that is when the husband discovered his wife lying on the floor with blood all over her body.

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