CBSI calls for respect to banking facilities


The Central Bank is calling on public to respect banking facilities, anywhere in the country.

CBSI reiterates this call in light of the recent damage inflicted on Bank South Pacific’s (BSP) Auki branch.

One of the branch’s glass doors was reportedly partially smashed on Thursday night, last week, during a domestic argument involving a bank staff.

Solomon Star reports that Malaita’s premier Daniel Suidani has condemned the incident, calling it a ‘senseless act on one of the most important infrastructures in the province’.

Mr Suidani called on the Malaita public, especially those who live in Auki to have respect for important infrastructures like BSP bank, Solomon Star reports.

CBSI is reinforcing this call while also condemning such acts.

In a media statement yesterday, CBSI said:

“Central Bank understands that this may be an accident or an isolated event, but still fully condemns any sort of destruction made over these types of critical infrastructures.

 “CBSI wish to take this opportunity to remind the general public again that these properties must be respected at all times, as they play a very important intermediary role in the country.

 “Our banks and other key financial institutions together with their infrastructures ensure customers use their financial services and products in a safe environment – please respect all banking facilities.

“This reminder follows the recent major destruction over the BSP Ranadi branch in Honiara during the November riots of last year.”

The BSP Ranadi branch was burnt down during last year’s November riots. It was one of BSP’s four operating branches in Honiara.

Solomon Times Online reports that the Head of BSP in Papua New Guinea, Robin Fleming had told the Post Courier in an interview the damage costed SBD$17.3 million.

Meanwhile, police are investigating the incident in Auki, and are calling for anyone who may have information to assist them.

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