CAUSE builds new Jacob’s ladder for Jericho residents.

A NEW 270-meter long Jacob’s ladder (concrete stairway) is currently being constructed at Jericho community of Central Honiara.

It starts from the main road at the top and stretches right down to the community along the valley.

The project commenced construction in August and expected to be completed by the end of this month.

The construction is being undertaken by members of the Jericho community who trained under CAUSE Project’s 7-day Life-Skills Training.

A statement from CAUSE said of the 22 workers, 12 are female members while 10 are male. The project is valued at 120 thousand dollars. 

“The technical design has incorporated the provision of safety rails along steep sections to ensure safety of community members traversing this stairway every day,” the statement said.

“Jericho is a growing community and have faced difficulties in accessing essential services at the town centre because of the poor and hazardous state of the common foot trail servicing the whole community specially when it is soaked by rain,” it added.

The statement said CAUSE access infrastructures are designed to bring access convenience to daily users.

“During hazard events it essentially supports evacuation, facilitate emergency relief operations during disaster events and help accelerate post-disaster recovery efforts.”

This project is implemented by the CAUSE Project under Honiara City Council and funded by World Bank. 

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