We can’t allow DCCG to do more damage: Manele

OPPOSITION Leader Hon Jeremiah Manele believes keeping Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and the DCC Government in office would do more damage than good for the country.

Manele was giving justification why it is necessary for a change in Government with just over a year left before the next national general election.

He was speaking on the floor of Parliament on Monday during a successful motion of no confidence against the leadership of Sogavare.

“While we all understand that nothing much can be done in this short period of time, the most important aspect people have overlooked is if we allow things to continue as they are now, we allow more damage to be done in the 16 months that is left of this 10th Parliament,” Manele said.

“For example the economy is bleeding, we must stop the bleeding. So is it wise to take action now or sit back and allow more damage to be done in the remaining months under this leadership [of Sogavare],” he added.

Manele said the duty of performing roles as leaders to save this country is not bound by time.

“Even in a year a lot of good things can be done. What we need is a competent government that works together as a team, a government that has the political will and focus, a government that has the heart to lead and serve the people of this country.

“Our group has leaders that have the heart for this country and leaders who can take the economy and this country forward,” he said.

Manele also defended the Opposition group’s decision not to join the DCC Government and maintain political stability.

“For the last three years the Opposition group has provided constructive advices to the government, and played its oversight role as serving as a check and balance on the government.

“The government, including the Prime Minister has failed to take onboard these views and advices.

“We did not cross to join the government or what is left of the DDC Government at the first opportunity because we are mature leaders and we accessed the situation and decided on what is best for the nation and not what is best for ourselves,” he said.

The Opposition side with its seven MPs has joined forces with Independent MPs and those that have defected from the DCC Government to successfully remove Sogavare and are likely to form a new government in the coming days.


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