Canadian community welcomes Guadalcanal graduate into new home

Grace sits before a cake that was prepared to welcome her to her new home in Canada.

THE Canadian community in which Guadalcanal’s Ms Grace Delight will live in have welcomed her with gifts to help her settle in her new home.

“We are a great nation that is built by people from around the world. Each year we welcome thousands of new immigrants who come to Canada with one dream and that is to call Canada their new home. Grace Delight we welcome you to your new home and we are proud that as a new immigrant you have already started to contribute to our economy, community and country by providing and adding your skills to our labour force. Welcome to Canada,” CITREC Chairman Ashwant Dwivedi said reacting to the surprise event organised by Church members, community and Grace Delight’s employer who all gathered to give free items to help Grace settle her into her new home in Canada.

CITREC-Guadalcanal Graduate, Ms Delight, who recently arrived in Canada under permanent residence nomination a few days before Christmas of last year, was surprised by her employer, community and church members as everyone gathered to help Grace settle into her new place of residence. They provided her with almost everything she needs to begin her new life in Canada for free.

From groceries to even light bulbs and lamps were provided to Delight by the community and Church members and her employer.

“The table was over flowing with groceries. I was really surprise. I never expected this. Canadian people are so kind and helpful,” Delight said.

Delight said that “My Boss and workmates, the Anglican church, my first land lord, some friends all put up their time and effort to help me set up my new place. She said that after the church service she was surprised when a cake was brought out for her and then she was presented with household items as gifts.

“I surprised them and said thank you in Solomon Island Pidgin and when I translated what I said into English they were really amazed and excited. They all gathered to welcome me to their community, province and country Canada,” Delight said.

Delight said that she explained to them why she was here in Canada and how the CITREC partnership is changing the lives of people in Guadalcanal province.

“Everyone was really excited and very happy to have me here with them in the church and community,” Delight said.

“I was requested to get a Solomon Islands Pidgin bible for the church as a present, which I already arranged for my husband to bring when he travels to join me in Canada in the coming months,” Delight said.

“I really want to thank the Chairman of CITREC Mr Dwivedi and the Provincial government of Guadalcanal, for this great opportunity. Without CITREC-Guadalcanal partnership I could have never been in Canada. Thank you, Canada, and thank you All. Thank you CITREC,” Delight said.

Grace is surrounded by community and church members after being presented with free items to help her settle into her new home in Canada.

Early this year Canadian Immigration authorities approved another Guadalcanal person into Canada under the Permanent Resident nomination programme.

Mr Thomas Tangithia Mike is in Canada under the Permanent Resident Programme.

Mr Mike said this is a dream come true for him and his family.

“I have never thought that I will be able to come to Canada. Few years back Canada and America were only a dream. Then came hope through the CITREC programme. Today because of CITREC and its partnership with the Guadalcanal Provincial government I am here,” an emotional Mike said.

He told Dwivedi that he has always prayed to be given an opportunity to be one of those to be chosen by God to work in Canada under the GP-CITREC partnership.

“Every morning in my prayers I would ask God to make me the chosen one to be selected. Today when Canadian officials stamped my passport and handed me over the immigration documents I was in tears. I thanked God for all that I have achieved to-date,” Mike said.

He thanked the Provincial Government of Guadalcanal and its Premier Anthony Veke and current GP executives and GP Education authority for its support.

“I know this is a new beginning for me and my family members. I will always remember that I am here today because of opportunity that was presented to me by the GP Provincial government. I will always promote GP and make sure that I perform to the best of my ability and make GP and Solomon Islands proud,” Mike said.


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