A call for more x-ray equipment at area health centres

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DEAR Editor,
Dr Gregory Jilini, the Under Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, last Wednesday when celebrating the World Radiography Day at the National Referral Hospital (NRH), made a statement in which he recommended the government through the Ministry of Health and Medical Services provide more basic diagnostic support, including x-ray equipment and posting more doctors to areas health centres to generate more referrals.
 During the NRH ceremony Dr Jilini said two Australian High Commission projects in radiography were being implemented include provisions of x-ray scan services, adding that the need for such services was clear.
Dr Jilini also said one of the reasons why patients currently bypass clinics and go straight to the provincial hospitals and the NRH is the lack of diagnostic capability.
I thank the Australian High Commission for the help in improving rural diagnostic services by providing x-ray equipment.
A personal appeal I launched last week for donations to help the MOHMS and medical services throughout the country has, so far, not attracted any funds.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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