Call to withdraw motion against Veke

By Mike Puia

LEADERS of Wanderer Bay and Tangarare Ward on Guadalcanal Province have expressed their dissatisfaction on a motion of no confidence announced against Premier Anthony Veke.

Gledal Sesehala, Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) for Talise Ward (Ward 8), is said to move a motion against Mr Veke when the province’s full assembly meets this Friday.

Speaking on behalf of the west Guadalcanal leaders, former MPA for Wanderer Bay, Justin Pascal, said they are concerned about the implications the motion will have on the province and its people, and are therefore calling on the mover of the motion to consider withdrawing it.

Mr Pascal said the timing of the motion is their main worry and the fact that it will threaten the education of many Guadalcanal children.

He said if this motion goes through it will affect the provincial budget and will in turn affect hundreds of students in various learning institutions who are sponsored by the province.

Pascal said the timing of the motion will likely risk the province from benefiting from government grants like the Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF) which is administered by the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening.

He said they are also of the view that the planned motion offers an unwelcomed situation for the provincial administration

Pascal said it could also obstruct the passage of the provincial budget.

He said the likely picture where a new government will draw up a new budget on March 28 and 29, and have a new provincial public accounts committee deliberate on the budget and pass it before April is “impossible”.

“I ask the mover of the motion to withdraw it. The time for the motion is not right and there is no time to implement a new policy,” Pascal, a key player in the province’s politics, added.

There is confidence in the current government that it will defeat the motion. MPAs in the current government have signed black and white to see the current administration continue its work to its natural completion.

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