Call to protect local products

Soltuna staff Mr Isirele Saelea.
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By Mike Puia

LOCAL manufacture of can taiyo products, soltuna, has appealed to locals to help protect local products from being imitated.

Soltuna’s trade marketing and merchandising representative, Isirele Saelea, made this call in light of soltuna products reportedly copied by outside countries.

There are reports that the ‘Solomon Blue’ taiyo product is spotted in Vanuatu shops believe to be fake product. The feature of the label is similar to the Solomon Blue except the name spelled ‘Solemoon Bleu’.

Saelea said Soltuna’s products are among the best in the region and it is no wonder other countries try to copy them.

He said in cases where our products are copied elsewhere, locals should help protect them.

“Locals should be proud of the things produce locally and help protect them from being imitated by anyone or any country outside,” Saelea said.

He said this applies to whatever product produced here.

Saelea said Soltuna products are fresh and people in the region tend to love them and any business would try its best to copy the label in order to have its products sold.

Reflecting on their operation, Saelea said they are had a wonderful year last year with sells going very well.

He said they are exporting about seven and eight containers to Fiji, Vanuatu and PNG every month with the bulk to the United Kingdom.

Saelea said Soltuna and the country’s number one company employing close to 2000 people in its processing facility in Noro in the Western Province.

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