Call for permanent construction of Laulana Bridge


in Auki

LAULANA bridge in Central Kwara’ae is one of the bridges along the south-road direction.

It has been observed to be neglected by authorities for a long time, according to locals.

Mr Clyde Maelifo’oa from Ratefasu village told Island Sun Auki yesterday that amongst other bridges along the south-road going as far as West Are’are, Laulana Bridge was the first bridge to be built.

However, he said with the current status of the bridge, Laulana Bridge is the only timber-bridge while the rest are permanently constructed with iron.

“Anyway the point here is not about which bridge was first constructed and which is least.

“The status of the bridge is what really matter. With just only timber the bridge was made, one thing identified was the bridge requires frequent maintenance.

“Adding to that since the bridge was established, more than 10 traffic accidents happen as a result of the poor condition of the bridge,” Maelifo’oa said.

He said the bridge has no rail and when it rains, it is often slippery making it very easy for accidents.

Maelifo’oa said in 2014 an incident happened and the bridge was burned down.

He said in the following year, MID through Ministry of Works under Malaita province rebuilt the bridge.

“During that time there was a heat-up between the people in the area and the two government agencies to permanently constructing the bridge.

“The people want the bridge to be permanently built, but the government says no, the bridge would only temporarily build for the need of flow of transport and later it will permanently build.

“They promised that in 2016 they will build the permanent bridge for Laulana as the people in the area want,” he said.

Maelifo’oa said since then nothing happened until today as their promise to permanently build the bridge is just a big liar.

Thus, he assured both the province and national government that the people still waiting and they need to know whether the government will still build the bridge or not.

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