Call on West gov’t to build culture centre



A local carver from Ranonga Village with her carving in front of Gizo Hotel.

CARVERS from Marovo, Ranonga, Roviana and Vella la Vella are calling on the newly formed government led by Premier David Gina to build a centre for local carvers in Gizo.

This is to accommodate wood carvers, stone carvers and others, especially mothers while they vend their products in the province’s capital.

A spokesman Harold Pae said that when it comes to Cruise Ship visit to Island Capital Town, Gizo is without a proper cultural house for carvers to showcase their wood, stone carving and other traditional items.

“Western Province is the highest number of carvers but the government have fail to accommodate its people from Shortland Islands to Marovo lagoon who wish to showcase the carving during Cruise Ship visited Gizo.

“We are calling on the newly formed government to build one cultural house somewhere in Gizo to focus on capturing the attention of tourists and customers especially those who keep visiting Gizo Island.

“Carvers now seek fairness with those who run their own museum and private business in Gizo why not the government won’t prioritize local carvers to do daily promotion and marketing.”

He said past governments have failed to build a cultural site for local carvers.

“We hope that the current government will plan something special for all local carvers in the province.”

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