MEMBER of Parliament (MP) for West Makira Constituency, Derrick Manuari has emphasized for equally distribution of resources and the importance of economic viability across constituencies.

Manuari said this during his contribution to the sine die motion in Parliament last Thursday.

He explained that is has become a common view that members of the government side tend to have access to most of the government programs and national projects compared to those in the opposition.

“It seems like you are no longer part of the government’s visions and projects” he said.

Manuari stressed that this view overtime has led to division and regionalism among provinces.

Furthermore, he explained that distribution of resources across all Islands and constituencies must be based on the socio-economic viability and feasibility.

Manuari said this simply means proper consultations and evidence-based assessments  must be carried out prior to implementing these projects to ensure they will yield economic benefits for the constituencies.

Manuari stressed that the lack of carrying out proper consultations will result in projects and programs that are not economic viable.

He also warned the government against implementing projects based on eagerness to fulfil political pressure and maintaining political support.

“If we are to truly achieve transformation or put down our legacy, this is a radical change that must be considered” Manuari added.

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