Call for COI into November riots


MEMBER of Parliament for East Honiara, Douglas Ete calls on the Government to set up a Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the November riot in Honiara.

This is to avoid the blame game employed by the Government against the Opposition Group relating to the burning and rioting at Chinatown, Kukum and Ranadi which is estimated to cost about half a billion to the economy.

Speaking at the Sine Die motion in Parliament yesterday, Mr Ete said in 2006 riots, the then Government had set up a Commission of Inquiry as well.

He said the Government should set up a COI under the Commission of Inquiry Act then you can pin a man.

“I am saying this because in 2006 there was a Commission of Inquiry set up by the then Government.

“The recommendation is to take one bill to Parliament called Riot and Damages Bill,” he said.

Ete said otherwise the country will use 1887 Riot and Damages Act of England to cost the damages caused by the people and legalized in law.

He said the political affiliation of the burning will allow the COI to sort it out.

Ete said the COI will allow people to provide evidence and report to go before Cabinet and Parliament.

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