Call for BSP extension to Malaita substation



THE Bank of the South Pacific has been questioned whether they plan to extend their agents to substations in Malaita province.

A teacher from East Malaita made the query following the need for banking services in the rural areas of the province.

He said at the moment only BSP Auki is serving the whole of the province; this is a source of inconvenience for many who live far away.

“For us teachers especially, we have to travel to Auki or Honiara for the service. And how costly it was to get for the service is always our concern.

“Also there were people in rural areas need to benefit from the service, but with the limit services BSP provided in the province it doesn’t allow them to be part of it.

“So what always remains our priority on the service is for BSP to establish their banking service at the substations in Malaita, so that people in those various regions will easily get there for the service,” the teacher said.

Meanwhile, he encourages other commercial banks to expand to Malaita province.

Teacher said currently only BSP is serving the province and having two or more bank services will sort out some of the issues people face with the service in the province.

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