Call for a thorough & proper omission and objection period



CONCERNED Malaitans have called for a proper and thorough omission and objection programme after the registration period.

They said this current registration confirms that most people from other constituencies have travelled and registered in other constituencies – known as cross borders.

Those voters have been arranged and have been transported by some intending candidates in their constituencies.

“We want to know how it will be dealt during the period of omission and objection.

“If we want true change we should be concentrate and focus on our respective constituencies and not to bring in some other people in other constituencies for your interest.

“We believe if this is so, this where corruption begins.

“And we indigenous Solomon Islanders must understand that if we want to make change we must know who I am, where I am from, Where I live, And what will be my future.

“We once again call on the electron commission office to conduct a better programme during the omission and objection period.”

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