Call for food outlets to provide convenient rooms


Head of Environmental Health Division Mr Goeroge Titiulu has called on all operating food outlet premises to provide convenient rooms for consumers.

He made the call during an interview with Island Sun over the weekend.

“Having toilet facilities in all operating food premises was one main criteria HCC is considering before permitting the business to operate.

“If a restaurant failed to provide this important service then HCC will close the restaurant from business,” Titiulu said.

He explained that small, medium to huge restaurants must provide toilets, and it is a requirement under HCC law.

“HCC is trying to see and ensure all these basic requirements consumers’ needs are covered,” said Titiulu.

He said HCC will carry knocking on the doors of all food outlets to check if the restaurants meets the standard and required practices under HCC law.

Titiulu said any food outlets who failed to provide and meet the standard requirements and services will face the law.

“This action is carried out as part of HCC’s daily checks to meet what its laws required,” he said.

Titiulu said HCC will continues with check today.

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