Call for food outlet employees to be in uniform


THE Honiara City Council Head of Environment and Health Division has urged food outlets to emphasise healthy practice when handling foods.

In an interview with Island Sun, Mr George Titiulu said food handling and preparation in all restaurants must consider the health of people.

He adds that waiters and chefs must be well dressed with proper equipment like hand gloves and chef-caps when preparing foods.

Titiulu suggested that all food outlets employees must be in uniform.

“They need to wear savers shirts, vests, aprons, gloves, hair net and shoes to name a few because different undertaking happens during food preparations and also this save the stage not just for uniformity but quality and wait in your kitchen staff uniforms.

“Hygiene practices are very important during food preparation and that such action will make sure there is no room for contamination before foods are being displayed,” he said.

Titiulu highlights that handlers must be free from health issues because they are dealing with human beings.

He said establishing a well-organising food outlets and employees determines the quality of services the food outlets provides and also people who work on different restaurants in Honiara.

Titiulu stressed that HCC will be enforcing such simple regulation despite the slow monitoring and checking early this year.

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