Cabinet sub-committee to consult with people of Kolombangara

Chairperson Kolombangara Development Advisory Committee (KDAC), Hon. Jimson Fiau Tanagada MP, during discussions held this week.

THE Government’s productive sector of the Cabinet sub-committee has seen one of its projects narrowing down on its strategic goals.

This was the outcome of the Kolombangara Development Advisory Committee during their meeting held this week at the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Known as the Kolombangara Development Advisory Committee (KDAC), it was specifically set up under the Government’s Cabinet sub-committee’s productive sector specifically to liaise with the Kolombangara Landowners Trust Foundation (KLTF) to enter into a partnership with the Kolombangara Forestry Plantation Limited (KFPL).

In the coming weeks, consultations will begin with the KLTF which should prepare the way forward for the KFPL investment partnership.

This means KDAC will go down to the community and discuss with the people of Kolombangara, through the KLTF on partnership issues with the KFPL and later with ICSI.

In an interview with the Chairperson of KDAC, Hon Jimson Fiau Tanagada, he said the Kolombangara Forestry Plantation Limited investment is a great investment in relation to the benefits of engaging in Private- Public Partnerships.

He said that the purpose of the KDAC is to “get the stakeholders onboard by discussing with the administrative bodies of KLTF and KFPL and to get their thoughts and look at their specific objectives and to see how the government can empower them to achieve their objectives”.

The Chairperson encourages the people of Kolombangara to take ownership of their land by entering into this partnership with the KFPL and the Government.

He further stated that currently the two shareholders to the KFPL investment is the KFPL executives and the Government through ICSI.

The Chairperson also stated that this investment can be achieved within the remaining period of the current Government if the people of Kolombangara appreciate the benefits of working together as one people through KLTF with the government in this Private-Public partnership model of investment.

He stated that once this model is eventually realised for its benefits, other Provinces can follow through in adapting this model of Private- Public Partnership.


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