Busufoosae community wants explanation

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A concerned citizen is calling on the Malaita Provincial government to clear the air regarding the case of two community projects in Busufoosae, Central Kwara’ae.

Speaking on behalf of Busufoosae community, the man who prefers to be anonymous expressed that since the two projects, Busufoosae Primary School staff house and Sakafao Gwaio Siubongi Jacob’s ladder took off in May, they have not been completed.

While mentioning that the two projects were planned to reach final stages in a 3 and 5 months timeframe respectively, he also said that workers’ were not paid on time, the transaction of materials was slow and by August staff house builders had totally stopped working.

The man mentioned that from the above set of events, the community has concluded that the contractor for the two projects was not capable of handling the projects.

In regards to the school staff house project, he said that other schools under the same funding project have already witnessed their official opening and hand over ceremonies in their respective communities.

The concerned man on behalf of the community is strongly calling on the provincial government to give an explanation of why the two projects have ceased to progress and reach the completion phase as expected.