Bus stop shelter forthcoming but not as yet


COMMUTERS in Honiara City are concern about the lack of bus stop shelters at the city’s main bus bays.

Whilst enjoying the new development of upgraded road, the lack of bus stop shelters is deemed a setback.

With an unreliable transport system, commuters usually wait quite a while before boarding a bus. Often in direct sunlight or rain during wet weather. These are issues of concern and detrimental to the health.

With this health issues and concern, Island Sun brought this subject to Honiara City Council (HCC) for clarification.

Crowded bus stop at the Honiara Central Market under no roof waiting for King George VI and Naha destination. Photo by Daniel Kakadi

Deputy Mayor, Mr Eddie Ngave said building of bus stop huts is MID’s responsibilities because it is under their mandate as leading Ministry for Infrastructure development in Honiara or country as whole.

“But it is no doubt, they should have plans for installing bus stop huts not only at the central market but around the city where bus stops are located”, Mr Ngava said.

He said HCC only became custodian of the infrastructure after construction. This is to ensure the property is well maintained and public at large take good care of them.

Mr Ngava said organizations have sent their request for support but they were directed to MID.

In respond, Director of Civil Engineering for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development Mr Harry Rini said once the project is fully complete, they will build bus stop huts.

He said for now the main focus is on road upgrading and maintenance of high ways but there are plans to built bus stop shelters.

Mr Rini also adds, construction of bus stop shelters will commence from 2019 and assures the public that MID has seen the plight of the people.

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