Bus service for students in the pipeline


HONIARA City Council (HCC) is planning on running a school bus service in partnership with a local businessman for students in Honiara.

HCC initiated this idea as a response to years of observation that students turn up late to classes because of public transport difficulties.

Thus HCC is in talks with a prominent local businessman for a bus service for students.

Talks are in the pipeline, and Island Sun understands the businessman will purchase few big buses to run 7-8am and 3-4pm routines.

At this stage HCC is withholding the businessman’s identity, but will let public know in due course.

However, HCC says they will monitor the arrangement – if the businessman fails to successfully run the service then the council will step in and take over.

Chairman of the Taskforce responsible for transportation service, Mr Eddie Ngava said “For the School bus, we already discussed with a local private businessman to run services for Students with few big buses ordered oversea and we are waiting for it to eventuate before HCC can do anything further.

“We want to address issue affecting children and youths, it’s a serious concern which HCC considered it seriously.

“If the local businessman unable to come forward we will look at other ways to service the students especially secondary sector, and If we happen to take-on that responsibility maybe we will run bus service from 7am—8am and maybe 3pm—4pm.”

HCC is currently waiting on the businessman to return with his side of the bargain before the idea can be implemented.

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