Building Code bill yet to be finalised

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MINISTRY of Infrastructure Development has updated the progress of the National Building Code Bill 2021 and Road and Drain Bill during the 2021 Infrastructure Symposium at Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) yesterday.

Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industries (SICCI) has organised the two-day event to create a platform that bring together all key role-players in this infrastructure investment space, who have the common goal of accelerating an infrastructure-led economic recovery plan.

Francis Waleanisia, who is part of the team to formulate the bill, said the team is still to complete the last round of consultation of the National Building Code Bill 2021.

Waleanisia said after the consultation, the bill will be ready to go through the Bills and Legislative Committee and then Parliament in the November sitting.

Furthermore, he said for the Road and Drain Bill, it is still in its second draft.

He said it will go through consultation and then Parliament.

Waleanisia said there is no national building code, no central to modernize and standardize building standards and specifications, no control over competency of technical personal, maladministration and corrupt practices and no proper quality control for construction materials.

However, he said there is standard and building code in place where the Ministry base it on Australia and New Zealand standard, so it is quite high.

In addition, he said the Road Act is obsolete for 80 years.

He said there is no legal basis for adoption of code of manuals for construction of road.

Waleanisia said there is also customary land rights versus concept of public roads.

He said there is no responsibilities on the road reserve and drainage systems and high cost of repair and maintenance.

The symposium continues today.