‘Budget for Malaita land summit overrun’

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    IT is reported that the budget allocation for the Traditional Governance and Customary Land Reform Summit currently in Auki has been overrun.

    This is owing to overflow of participants said to be at the summit with unstructured invitation and even self-invited to attend the three-day summit.

    A reliable source said such incidence is not new as it has already been experienced with other past bigger summits or conference in Auki.

    A source tells this paper, “Like this summit, UNDP (funder) allocated around $300,000 for the whole cost of the meeting.

    “That covers expenses on areas such as accommodations, catering, hiring of meeting venue, logistic, allowances and many more.”

    The source continued that as currently experienced participants will undeniably raise disappointment on some of the privileges expected that will not forth coming.

    “I knew around 160 invitations sent out to participants to attend the summit.

    “Youths and women representatives will top up the number to 200 participants as the official invited participants for the summit.

    “However, a registration on Tuesday scooped around 306 participants and an open registration did yesterday was around 400,” the source said.

    The source said this showed how interested the people are to hear and dialogue on this very important matter, not minding the budget.

    “The question is whether this huge participated number that attended uninvited and disorganising the budget portray a good behaviour to convince the funder for future assistance?

    “And if the participants go back to their organizations or communities and address people they represent with the importance message from the summit that would be very good,” the source said

    The source urged the participants to consider the importance of the summit for and not on things they might felt hurt of during their attendance to the summit.

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