Brother Sun and Sister Moon ACB-WBB

DEAR EDITOR, I write to also give my big thanks to the current house, the tenth parliament, the 50 MPs for passing the ACB/WBB or the Brothers sun and Sister moon.

Sir, would also here go in and congratulate the current captain of the SIDCCG, Hon Ricky Houenipwela, the prime minster of our dear nation. You are our real leader in the political history of the county.

The above heading indicates ACB/WBB. The sun and the moon both walk side by side to give light to the day and night and the planet earth benefited.

To table this kind of bill, it really need a captain who thinker not only for his political power and who has a great concern for his people.

Because there are high risk, demand and questions that may arise amongst the leaders in any current leadership.

I for one, confirmed that, this is the reason why the previews captain could not allow this bill to process.

This could not prevent the current captain who come from the Christian community of riverside, small Malaita Hon Ricky Hounipuwela.

His leadership is heard from the four corners of the country.

The parenting of the ACB/WBB will now pave the way to make the paths/straight, valleys fill, mountains and hills brought low and the rough ways smooth.

And the witness to the salvation of our God will prosper in the ministry, societies, institution and from the rural constituencies in the year to pass.

I believe, the people of this country are praying for your return to the chair 2019.

Lastly, I humbly call on the current government to seriously awarding honour to the captain. The Knighthood (Rt.Hon. Ricky Hounipuwela)

God bless Ricky Hounipuwela and Solomon Islands.

Daniel Aba

Baegu Asifola

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