Botanical garden management committee discusses new ToR


SPREP Country Manager Mr Fred Siho Patison

THE Honiara National Botanical Garden has established a new management committee yesterday with passing of Terms of References to work under.

According to SPREP, the formation of the new committee is to oversee, provide technical advice and coordinate all activities and projects amongst national stakeholders for the botanical gardens.

Additionally, they will lead the formulation of the Botanical gardens management and business plan and its subsequent implementation.

Outlining the responsibilities under the ToR, SPREP Country Manager Mr Fred Siho Patison said the new committee is responsible for the following ballpoint;

  • To oversee all project activities being undertaken within the Botanical gardens to ensure that they are consistent with goals and objectives of the botanical gardens.
  • To provide advice and inputs into daily management of the gardens led by the Ministry of Forest and Research
  • To receive regular updates on the protection and conservation status of gardens from time to time from Ministry of Forests, HCC and projects supporting the botanical gardens.
  • To secure resources where possible for the botanicals management and protection.
  • To overseer the formulation of the Botanical gardens management and business plan being formulated under the SPREP1 PEBACC2 project or any other related project.
  • Make decision concerning the property use and management of the gardens in the interest of Honiara public and broader community.
  • Ensure that the environmental integrity of gardens is not compromised by Encroachments and illegal activities.
  • To ensure that an information centre for gardens is well maintained and support environment education in the interest of the community and broader public.
  • Be the conduit for discussions on issues facing the gardens regarding its management and maintaining its environmental integrity.
  • Make decision on matters of interest concerning the botanical gardens in consultation with the Ministry of Forests that manages the gardens and HCC.
  • Ensure that the management and business plan is implemented in accordance with its goals and objectives.
  • Secure partnership with national, regional and international bodies and entities that wish to support the development of the botanical gardens.
  • Review, approve and endorse projects and other development that occur within the boundaries of the botanical gardens.
  • Provide support towards the formal protection of the Botanical gardens as a protected area (PA).
  • Act as the management committee for the site once established as a formal PA.
  • Provide advice and support to HCC and the Ministry of Forests on matters concerning the botanical gardens management and operations.
  • To oversee all matters related to management of the botanical gardens.

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