Borehole nears completion



WORK on the water project for Aligegeo provincial secondary school is nearing completion.

The school is bound to say farewell to water problems, which it had been suffering since its establishment in 1948.

Malaita Provincial Chief Health Inspector who is also responsible for the project, Ms Gloria Siwainao said work on the piping phase of the project is progressing as expected, and that it is anticipated to complete by mid-May.

She said the bore-hole has been drilled including the installment of the tank as work is now on the reticulation pipe within the school compound.

“The main piping already completed as joining of piping to staff houses and to other school facilities is awaiting the installment of the water pump in the bore-hole.

“To do the work we expect an engineer from Caritas Australia this week to do the installment of the water pump.

“So by installing the pump it’s going towards the final phases of the project where the school will then receive water,” Siwainao said.

She said extension of piping to Fanualama Catholic community and staff houses, which are on the other side of the road, is the remaining task under the project.

Siwainao said she had recently sought assistance from the Solomon Water.

“I’m not yet receiving feedback from Solomon Water, but with the technicality to do piping across the road, we look upon them since they have resource to properly carry-out the work,” she said.

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