Booklet on outstanding women of SI launched

Group photo of participants after the official launch of booklets.
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A booklet on outstanding women of Solomon Islands was launched yesterday with aim to pay tribute to women valued and respected for their contributions to communities.

The booklet was launched at the Solrais Warehouse, Ranadi yesterday and was taped to bags of Rice with focus for all booklets to reach rural communities within Solomon Islands.

The aim of this initiative is to pay tribute to women who are valued and respected because of their positive contributions to their communities and leadership values.

According to the booklet, 120 women were nominated as outstanding and their names were listed at the back of the booklet. All these women are valued for many different reasons.

Speaking at the launch, Afulia Billy from SECSIP said they are very pleased to partner with Solraise in distributing these booklets throughout Solomon Islands.

“It is a very effective way of getting out the booklets into communities. We will be monitoring response from communities,” Billy said.

SolRice workers pasting the booklets to Bags of rice

SolRice General Manager James Bradford said they looking forward to offering support to the future for the growth and development of Solomon Islands.

Lachlan Strahan, high commissioner of Australia, said empowering women is the right thing to do. “If any society wants to prosper economically and a good future for young people is by empowering women.”

“In the long run if you want to empower your women socially and economically democracy allows that to happen. A lot of political change still yet to happen that is why it is so important to support the electoral system that is reason why Australia is putting in money to SECSIP to support UNDP.

“It is really important to identify strong women leaders who act as royal model,” Strahan said.

The Outstanding women of Solomon Islands booklet was made possible by the UNDP SECSIP (Strengthening the Electoral Cycle in the Solomon Islands Project) through a gender component (output five) to enhance women’s participation for a more cohesive society.