Boboria explains why he went public with findings


RECENT research conducted by Dickson Boboria is understood to be an extensive analysis for his doctoral paper.

Mr Boboria recently made public his findings through the media which had caused a stir amongst people in the community.

“The reason for exposing my findings in the media is because I have a heart to make awareness to our local people.

“The question of safety for our people has always been an issue which is why I am interested in this research. The welfare of our people is very important.

“There was no data I released on my research which is why I had published them.”

Referring to his ongoing studies overseas at his institution if it might be affected from exposing on the media of such research, Boboria said if he had presented data based on concentration areas and their levels then that would be the case. In his case, he did not present any data.

“I’m just generalising on a background of what I conducted my research on. I did not make mention of focus areas being highly contaminated because that would be presenting data,” said Boboria.

It is understood that for his research at the Gold Ridge tailings dam, it had been dismissed by GRML.

The company said the findings are in direct contradiction to the cyanide sampling results obtained from Gold Ridge Mine and accredited independent environmental consultants.

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