Bloody ridge signifies world peace: PM Hou


PM Hou pays tribute to the war heroes of WWII at Bloody Ridge.

BLOODY Ridge stands as a significant symbol of World Peace.

This was said by Prime Minister Rick Hou on the occasion of the first anniversary celebration since the area became a National park.

Speaking on Wednesday, PM Hou says the word ‘peace’ transcended all historical animosity and today Solomon Islands enjoy unity and friendship with the world.

“That is why this site has now become known as ‘Bloody Ridge National Peace Park’.   Therefore, today’s event is again very special as this marks the 1st Anniversary of the establishment of ‘Bloody Ridge National Peace Park.”

The 25-hectare park currently holds a US Marine Raider’s monument, a Solomon Islands Government monument and also a Japanese monument.

PM Hou says these monuments signify the importance of this place in history of the War to all of us.

“This place is important to the Solomon Islands as part of our history that shaped our society today.

“Not only for Solomon Islands, this site is significantly recognised by the world for the historical events that took place here 76 years ago.

“For us, announcement of the Bloody Ridge as a National Peace Park was made accord this site with the honor and respect it deserves.”

PM Hou delivers his speech during the occassion marking the 76th anniversary of WWII at Bloody Ridge.

He said once the fiercest battleground in World War II, this site is now an icon for peace, unity and friendship.

Hou says from our collective past, this will be always be our collective future and this is what he wants the world to see.

“The message is let our past be where it should be; in the past.

“Whilst we continue to respect and protect our collective past, the future is what we want it to be.”

PM Hou pays tribute to the war heroes of WWII at Bloody Ridge.
(Left to Right) MFAET minister Milner Tozaka, Tourism minister Bartholomew Parapolo, PM Hou and Japanese
ambassador to Solomon Islands.

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