Bishop Quity visits Transfiguration Church

Community of Fishing Village welcomes Bishop Quity and his team
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THE Diocesan Bishop of Isabel and his team have paid a visit to Transfiguration Church at Fishing Village, Western province.

The team was greeted with special traditional welcome and also hymns followed by lunch before heading back to Gizo.

In his speech, Catechist of Transfiguration, Nathaniel Edau said Fishing Community was honoured to host Bishop Quity and his delegation.

He said the Bishop’s visit was a privilege that will definitely boost the morale of the community in church commitments.

Bishop of Isabel Diocese Reverend Elison Quity speaking to Christian people at Fishing Village

Edau said the population of fishing village has been increasing over the past year and the church has played an important role in nurturing younger generation to be educated and become future leaders of the community.

He adds that the increasing population has been a challenge for leaders to keep younger generation away from unwanted activities.

“Transfiguration has many dreams to improve the church’s mission and activities as well as keeping the younger generation close to the church, but the dreams are far from reality.

“We need a new and bigger church to accommodate the increasing population, we also need a church owned transportation improve the church’s mission,” Edau said.

He also said that sea level rise caused by climate change is a huge risk to the community.

Edau told those present that the church build normally sunk under water during high tides.

“We have tried out best to save our church from the rising by collecting and dumping lime stones to lift ground elevation.

“The church building is safe for now but is still at risk of continual effect of climate change,” he said.

Catechist of Fishing Village Transfiguration Church delivers his speech

Edau acknowledged Father, Canon Erick Kolae for advice towards Transfiguration church’s development and mission over the past year.

In his remarks, Father Kolae, acknowledged Bishop Quity and his team for accepting the program to visit Fishing Village community.

He said Bishop Quity has made history for being the first Bishop in the Anglican Church of Melanesia to visit Fishing Village Community and Transfiguration church.

Kolae told Bishop Quity that Fishing community, the custodian of Transfiguration Church is surrounded by mangroves and the future of the community and church depends on Diocese of Isabel.

Church leaders of Transfiguration Church waiting to welcome Bishop Quity and delegates

“Church located in the middle of mangroves and sea, so sea level rise is an issue to the church.

“Land is an issue as such parishioners are looking at raising the ground level by filling the area which coral and filled the area with ground,” he said.

Kolae said he is happy that the church has contributed to the development of the community especially sending children to school.

Fishing Village is a community with less hundred people located less than 10 minutes’ drive from Western Provincial Capital, Gizo.