Bill returns October

Government promises to bring back Anti-Corruption Bill in next month’s sitting


General Secretary of Development Services Exchange Ms Jennifer Wate presenting the petition to the Deputy Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Maelanga on behalf of the civil societies and the general public protesting for the return of
the Anti-corruption Bill withdrawal to Parliament. PHOTOS by MANEBONA BARNABAS

GOVERNMENT has promised to return the highly demanded Anti-Corruption Bill to parliament in October.

Deputy Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Maelanga reassured the protesting civil society organisation of this yesterday after receiving their 4,000-signature petition on behalf of the Prime Minister.

Hon Maelanga said that the Bill is currently before Cabinet and is in the process of being finalised for next month’s sitting.

He adds they are improving the Bill because it does not only cover members of Parliament but everyone in this nation.

“It covers the institutions, churches, schools, government and private sectors, everywhere,” said the DPM.

“I assure you all that if you come with a heart for this Bill to be taken back into Parliament, yes, this is what the DCC Government also wants.

“All of us do not want the country to fall on corruption as we look forward for the Anti-corruption Bill to be brought back into Parliament during the next sitting.”

Speaking on behalf of the Civil Society Organisations Committee, CSO Chairman Dr Huddie Namo expressed appreciation to the DCC Government through the Deputy Prime Minister for receiving the petition.

“I thank the Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare and DCCG for making a commitment to bring back the Anti-corruption Bill next month,” said the Chairman.

“We will be working closely with those responsible in the Office of the Prime Minister so that the process of the Bill goes smooth in returning back to Parliament.”

He adds, civil societies of the country are awakened to fulfil their role, promising that yesterday’s march is not the last.

Civil groups of the country rallied to bring their petition to Prime Minister Sogavare calling for the return of the Anti-Corruption Bill, which he withdrew on August 28 in parliament.

They opened a petition which attracted more than 4,000 signatures from concerned public, including some of the prominent figures of Solomon Islands.

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