Big win for united

More areas need improvement, says Jacob Moli


Malaita Kingz midfielder runs on as Makau sets up defense.

WESTERN United has romped to a 60 thrashing of Malaita Kingz in yesterday’s contest of the Telekom S-League at Lawson Tama Stadium.

Coleman Makau and Alfred Elvis scored a double each while the other two goals came from Moffat Kilifa and Junior Molis.

United led 2-0 by halftime before adding another four goals in the second half.

Head coach Jacob Moli congratulated his boys for an impressive winning start to their S-League campaign.

“For a start it’s a good win. But looking at our performance, we need to improve in some more playing areas.

One area we need to step up is our fitness in which toward the end, our players were lying down all over the pitch due to muscle cramps, so fitness is an area to look into,” a delighted Moli said.

Moli added that they only have two days rest before their second match which is on Sunday against Solomon Warriors and stated quick recovery as one of his key targets.

“ We are having a short turn around, whereby we will have only two days rest before our next game on Sunday and we will have to manage our few players who have received minor injuries during the game.”

Moli explained that all his players have performed splendidly well.

“All players put in good effort, but the most stand out ones today are our captain Joachim Waroi and goalkeeper Izomo Bird.

Bakale contests against the Kingz player.

“Waroi did very well to keep us in our game and also did quite well with a number of inceptions against their key through balls and passes. These two stepped up well for us. I think these are two big players where they can step up anytime and that was evident in today’s match.”

Despite the big win, Moli said it is too early to determine anything.

“It’s still early days and we have tried to keep our game simple with not many complications.

“When the make the game simple, it can be easily understood by any new player coming in. When you try to do complicated things, it will be difficult for us.

“We try as much as possible to keep the game simple so that our players can understand and play according to it during game time.

“Our next game is against Warriors and that would be our benchmark because they are our current champion. If we can put up something against them then we will know where we are in the competition. But at the moment they are our benchmark and the current champion.

“We’ll try to regroup over the next couple of days and come together one more time as a team, and put things together more as a team on the pitch,” Moli said.

Coleman Makau celebrates Western United’s first goal with team mate
Timothy Bakale
Bakale shields the ball from the Kingz player Philip Maeta.

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