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DAP launches manifesto, vows to rid grass hopping politicians


By Alfred Sasako

CARETAKER Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela on Tuesday launched the Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) Manifesto, paving the way for other political parties to launch their party platforms for the 2019 National General Election.

In doing so, Mr Houenipwela had some hard-hitting words for those intending to contest this year’s election under the DAP banner.

Houenipwela told some 200 faithfuls at the St Barnabas Cathedral Hall in Honiara yesterday that DAP would stop affiliations of loose groupings in Parliament, describing their leadership style as “political prostitution”.

At the same time, he has hit out at what he called “grass hopping politicians”, saying the country had suffered enough from the actions of such politicians.

“On the matter of political affiliations, I cannot overstate the importance for intending candidates to be registered under a political party – for three basic reasons:

“First, if you are looking to be part of the ruling government, then the chances of your getting there are better with a political party; and especially one that is stable and strong. Secondly, by registering with a political party, intending candidates are showing they want to get rid of political instability.

“Our people and this country have suffered enough under grass hopping politicians,” he said.

“Ladies & gentlemen, this is one of practices that DAP undertakes to change. So a DAP–led government will bring legislations that will stop affiliations of loose groupings in Parliament whose leadership style is akin to what I call political prostitution.

“We, the Democratic Alliance Party, oppose this kind of leadership conduct in its entirety. So those intending candidates who register with DAP [must] show they are willing to take this same stand,” Mr Houenipwela said.

He also appealed to intending candidates to join DAP.

DAP Parliamentary Wing Leader, Jeremiah Manele echoed similar sentiments, saying … it is important that we actively take part or have an interest in politics.”

“The best way of doing this I guess is to join a political party since all of us cannot be members of Parliament as there are only 50 seats in Parliament. By joining a political party, we will be in a position to influence government policy once our party becomes a coalition partner in any ruling government,” he said.

Mr Manele said the Foreword and Introduction to the Manifesto “captures what DAP is all about. In a nutshell, DAP’s vision, mission and core principle are outlined in Chapter 6 of the Manifesto.

“The vision, (and) I quote is, “All Solomon Islanders (are entitled to) enjoy equal socio-economic opportunities for a prosperous, vibrant, secure and resilient nation where citizens are confident, peaceful, spiritually and socially well, and proud of their diversity and cultural heritage, respected as a sovereign nation, and actively engaged with the international community to address national, regional and global challenges,” Mr Manele said.

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