Home News Belaga Community High School in CP benefit from police awareness talk

Belaga Community High School in CP benefit from police awareness talk


POLICE at Tulagi in the Central Province (CP) conducted an awareness talk at the Belaga Community High School on Small Gela on Monday, September 10, 2018.

Provincial Police Commander(PPC) Central Province, Superintendent Patricia Leta says, “The messages delivered during the awareness talk included law and order, anti-social behaviour covering marijuana, kwaso, and alcohol involving youth, sexual offences, family violence and the Crime Prevention Strategy.

“The presentation also covered the three sources of law in our country.

“This is part of the ongoing roll out of the Crime Prevention Strategy to prevent crime in order to build stronger and safer communities.

“At the end of the presentation Inspector John Sara donated one sport kit comprising of a soccer ball, a volley ball, a volley ball net and a pump to the Deputy Principal of Belaga Community High School, Miriam Ratu.

“Deputy Principal Miriam Ratu thanked Inspector Sara for the awareness talk given to her students and staff and the gifts which will help her students sport activities.

“Such awareness talks at schools are one of our priorities to educate our youth to become law abiding citizens in future.

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Solomon Island Police Development Programme (SIPDP) for availing the sport kits which we have been donating to schools during the talks.”