Beche-de-mer exporters, buyers to be issued with price guide

The Director of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Mr Edward Honiwala
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A set of price guide will be issued to buyers and exporters of the lucrative beche-de-mer product when the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) concluded screening of applicants in the coming days.

This is according to MFMR Permanent Secretary Dr Christian Ramofafia during an interview this week.

“We will provide the price range to buyers and exporters, because the complexity of the trade, many of the buyers didn’t link with exporters

“When we issue export permit we will also be giving exporters a price guide as condition for their license. The licence will be issued with conditions, and one of the conditions is not to buy undersized beche-de-mer,” Dr Christian said.

Dr Christian said the ministry will put in place a strong guide to support villagers in terms of pricing because the lifting is aimed at supporting them.

Meanwhile, Dr Christian said MFMR has established four criterias to establish the truth from the people.

The reason of the criteria is establish truth that these people have been involved on the development of the country in the fisheries sector.

An assessment committee consisting of different heads of divisions in the MFMR are still on the process to select the four successful exporters for this period.

The outcome is hopefully be kbown in the coming days and week.

Meanwhile, Director of Fisheries Mr Edward Honiwala said companies or individuals not meeting the requirement will not be considered.

“Others will argue to grant export licence to locals but many locals are backed by Foreigners. From our experience, licence fee is high and even locals do not afford, and we have seen that many locals are backed by outside people.

The PS and his Director said the ministry will treat all the application same, everyone have to go to the same criteria whether local or foreign

There are many applications but unfortunately only four will be selected on the condition of the criteria set by MFMR.

If there are many applicants meet the criteria set, we have to look at them carefully, but according to cabinet we will have only four.

“I think we will look at commitment with the ministry and support on the development of the country, in terms of employment because all these things is about development of fisheries.

“But if you apply just for the sake of a chance to draw money, then your application will be turned down. Director Honiwala revealed that more than half applicants are fall in this category.

“We know a lot of them will not meet the criteria.