Battle between DCGA and Malaita province attracts huge debate on social media

Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani.
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THE battle between the National Government and its agent, Malaita province has attracted a lot of debate on social media.

This came after the Sogavare/Maelanga government has warned Malaita Province of facing suspension unless Premier Daniel Suidani stops contravening the Provincial Government Act 1977 through his actions.

Premier Suidani has been barred from undertaking overseas travels unless prior approval by Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening.

However, some commentators in social media said it is unfair to suspend Malaita province when the country is preparing against any positive case of coronavirus (COVID-19).

A concerned citizen, Michael Salini commented on social media that according to the Provincial Government act, the Provincial government can be dissolved on very serious issues like the gross mismanagement of funds.

“Sending a deputy to attend a covid 19 briefing and overseas travel definitely does not fall under those criterias for suspension.

“What is clear is Suidani and his MARA government has been standing in the way of China and SIG in the country,” Salini said.

Suidina could not attended meeting in Honiara organised by the Government to update all Premiers on the COVID-19 because he went on a ward tour to make awareness to his people.

Instead, he sent his Deputy Premier to attend the briefing.

Salini said the MARA government has been giving notice to stop logging operations in Malaita due to their noncompliance to the provincial ordinance on licensing fees.

“Now it is clear who is pulling the strings on how our Government is being run.

“Look no further than china and the loggers. You touch them and you are gone,” Salini alleges.

“I am sure suidani and his team knew all along what they are fighting against.

“He is like the last man standing in a battle of ideologies and conscience. He could also be fighting against an emerging regime with some communist traits. Once he is gone that will be it. All hell will run loose and the Government will run over everyone who dares to stand in the way,” he said.

The Malaita Province promises to reply on the move by the national government to suspend it.

The Opposition Leader, Matthew Wale has already cautioned the Government not to suspend Malaita as any decision that is likely to incite social disharmony at a time when the country needs to be united in the face of covid-19.