Basic unit parts needed for hydroponic farming

DEAR EDITOR, on Tuesday, the Island Sun newspaper featured a brief article I had submitted on the benefits of growing vegetables by hydroponics.

The Editor of the newspaper also uploaded a photograph I had sent which clearly illustrated lettuces being successfully grown in a length of plastic pipe clear of any contamination from the ground.

I suggested that individuals or community groups in the Solomon Islands might wish to consider growing their vegetables by hydroponic methods and I also mentioned that the basic equipment needed to make a start was not necessarily expensive to acquire.

Following the publication of my article I was contacted by some Solomon Islanders expressing their interest in giving hydroponic cultivation a try.

If there is any real interest that develops further then it is quite possible that I could assist a potential farmer with off-cuts of non-perishable plastic piping without charge and maybe other plastic items in which vegetables could be cultivated in a rich nutrient solution mixed with clean water.

I can be contacted via the link on my website – by any interested party really keen to give hydroponic faming a try but maybe lacking the means of acquiring some of the basic items to make a start.

Wishing you success.

Yours sincerely



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