Balancing health and fun with hockey


THE Hockey Hookin4Health program is encouraging more interest to get involved in their fun games.

The hockey fun games are held every end of the month on Sunday at the Solomon Islands National Institute of Sport (SINIS) High Performance (HP) Center multi-outdoor court.

The program was delivered on a monthly basis and saw a surge of interest in both young girls and boys, especially the students.

The session was conducted on Sunday over the weekend, which saw a huge turnout.

National Hockey player, Enoch Mae Paekera, who assists in facilitating the fun games for the young talents, said this program is good for the students because it has a great impact not only on their sporting life but their health as well.

“The Hockey Hookin4Health program has been rolling out to schools for the past couple of months, resulting in the huge turnout on Sunday.

“Fortnight fun games were conducted by members of the national squads for both men and women.

“We delivered sessions for the students based on topics like team bonding and building as well as the health and wellbeing of the players. So it’s more like a balanced approach for the young talents, especially the students,” he said.

He added that the program also had a great impact on new ones to introduce the sport to their friends to be part of the fund game.

“A lot of new faces have joined the program every fortnightly,” Paekera said.

Kimsan Bong, a student from Bishop Norman Palmer School, also revealed that being part of the program is helpful for him.

“The fortnight’s hockey games are really fun and helpful for new ones who are new to the sport.

“It’s not about hockey alone, but also health. As a student, we need to have good health through being involved in sports such as hockey,” Bong added.

Wilhelmina Utukana, who was also part of the Sunday fun game over the weekend, also highlighted the importance of the program in terms of her working schedule, health, and fitness.

“I have been introduced to Hockey for the past three Sundays after I watched the program via the Hookin4Health social media page.

“I’ve learned a lot in areas like basic skills and my fitness journey as a female.

“I urge other females that this is a great program to be part of,” she said.

Meanwhile, because of the ongoing positive turnout, the fortnight’s fun games will be held weekly at the venue.

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