Bahai street food vendors urged to cooperate with HCC


PRINCIPAL inspector of the Honiara City Council (HCC) Ms Ella Rizworld has called on all Bahai street food vendors to cooperate with them (HCC) and comply with the council’s food hygiene and safety regulations.

This was made this week following the vendors’ lack of cooperation with HCC inspection officers and breaching of the council’s food by laws.

HCC is looking to gauge the vendors to work together and introduce hygienic standards to their service.

Speaking to a food hygiene and safety workshop this week Ms Rizwold said they carried out an initiative of street food vendor’s inspection earlier this year followed by demolishing of street food stalls on that site but they (vendors) still did not comply to HCC laws.

“Therefore I strongly called on Bahai street food vendors to cooperate with the us and come with one common understanding (HCC) because the particular environment the foods are prepared and sold is not conducive for the type of foods like fish, chicken and Rice, it can poses major health risks and microbial related issues.

“This is due to the location it was located near the road where the foods can easily expose to dusts particles which are small enough to be exhaled may cause health issues and the lack of water to name a few ,” she said.

Rizworld furthered the council does not prohibit them from selling their food.

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